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Preparing the Perfect and Suitable Subpoena

The subpoena might be issued to testify or to provide and present information which might help to crack open a case or might be use as supporting documents for a case that is already in session. If you receive a subpoena and do not comply with its terms and conditions you may be subjected to civil and criminal penalties. Under the state and federal laws subpoena can be issues to obtain information to help a case or disapprove client’s case. Other examples include getting blood samples, DNA samples, computer files and downloaded material, medical bills, insurance records etc.

Now your firm’s staff doesn’t have to go through the tedious process preparing subpoenas. Instead One Source Process has a team of experts who can quickly and accurately prepare state and federal subpoena for medical and business records which are normally required in the litigation process. One Source Process will be acting as a Deposition Officer for you.

We are a subpoena preparation company with the following services

  • Preparing all the support documentation which might be required
  • Serving the subpoenas and supporting documentation to all the parties concerned
  • Duplication of X-Rays
  • Indexing and tabbing
  • Sequential document numbering

The service of process is a privilege which is enjoyed by the citizens of the US. All the citizens of US hold the right to be informed of being summoned and the legal guidelines are written in the fifth and the sixth amendment of the constitution.

The court process servers were basically intended as messengers who notify the individuals of the constitutional right to due process of the law by serving them with a notification which states a particular legal issue which involves them. Court process servers are required for the assortment of the court legal papers and serving the legal document. They are also important as they are an important part of the society which ensures legal documents are served in an efficient and appropriate fashion.